Website Updates underway!

We have recently completed substantial changes to improve and enhance our services; modernizing the interface with our hotel partners, improving the functionality of our search options, and enhancing the content available to you for evaluating your choices. While everything seems to be working as intended we are hearing about glitches once in awhile and are addressing them as they are reported, so if you encounter a problem, please let us know.

This notice will remain for some time after that in order to make the information available to clients who return to make reservations over the following months.

What to expect –

Most of the changes will be obvious to previous users. The most significant improvement will be the ability to review your travel options more conveniently than before by comparing rates from multiple hotels within the same search. The other significant change is that previous guest account holders must create new accounts for the new booking platform that we are transitioning to. Privacy issues prevent transferring existing accounts and travel history to the new system, but creating and maintaining new accounts will be more convenient than before. For those with reservations that have not yet been completed, we are ready to assist in the event that you need to make any changes in your plans.

Password requirements –

Passwords must contain at least one each: uppercase, lowercase, numeric and special characters, and be a minimum of 7 characters long.

Other Questions –

Please send an email to