Error Messages

What do I do in response to an error message?

From time to time users may be presented with an error message in the course of making a reservation. These may be caused by a temporary technical issue, a hotel policy constraint, or by some issue regarding customer input. Usually the issue is clearly identified by the message, for example Invalid Credit Card Number, but there are other cases where the message may be somewhat vague or ambiguous. Below are some examples of ambiguous messages, with explanations and suggested responses. Of course, please feel free to report any problems to us directly (


This can be caused by a temporary technical issue with the booking system, but is usually limited to the processing of a reservation for a particular hotel and is often an indication that no rooms are available that meet your requirements. You can either try to make your reservation again a little later, or choose a different hotel.


This message typically appears when you attempt to guarantee an advance-purchase or advance-deposit room with a Debit Card. While Debit Cards are acceptable forms of guarantee for reservations in general (where you are not charged until checkout), for advance-purchase rates you must pay at the time of the reservation, and debit cards cannot be processed for payment online with our automated system. Instead you must use a conventional credit card to make your purchase.