If my plans change, how do I cancel a reservation?

Cancellation options vary, depending on hotel policies, how you made your booking, and how far in advance you are cancelling.

The first thing to consider is the hotel policy controlling restrictions on cancellations. In most cases you can cancel without penalty if you do so at least 24 hours in advance, but these terms vary so it is important to check your reservation confirmation or call the hotel if you are unsure of the restrictions.

Please note: some hotel bookings require a non-refundable advance payment or deposit in exchange for a substantial discount. Such terms would have been available to you at time of booking and if this applies to your reservation you will need to contact the hotel directly. This condition can only be waived at the hotel’s discretion.

If your booking is eligible for cancellation:

With a Member Account (created through our website as part of your booking process), you can cancel your booking online by clicking on this link, which was also provided in your confirmation email.

If you did not create a Member Account, Campus Travel Management can cancel the booking for you if you email a cancellation request to Customer Service at least 48 hours in advance of the hotel’s cancellation deadline. That request should be accompanied by your confirmation email; otherwise please provide your Travel Agent Reservation Number (6 alpha-numeric characters, provided on your confirmation form), dates of your stay and the hotel name.

For all other cases, please contact the hotel directly.