Advance purchases

Can I still be charged for a room if I cancel?

Yes, in certain cases you may be liable for room charges even if you cancel your booking. There are two situations in which this is possible, each having to do with the Terms and Conditions associated with the room type and rate you chose at the time of booking.

First, even though most hotel reservations can be cancelled, hotels require that cancellations be done within a specified time prior to check-in, usually 24 to 48 hours (calculated relative to the hotel’s time zone.) Failure to give the hotel sufficient notice of your cancellation usually results in a no-show penalty equal to one-night’s stay at the rate associated with your reservation.

Second, in some cases reservations require an advance purchase or advance deposit in return for substantially reduced pricing or because of high demand for rooms on certain dates. While you can cancel your booking, that does not cancel your financial obligation in these cases. If these are the terms associated with your booking, notice of that information is provided as part of the booking – usually in the room/rate description, but also under the Terms and Conditions link – please check for your own protection.

Campus Travel Management has no control over the setting or enforcement of hotel policies, but if you have booked an advance purchase rate by accident the hotel can, at their discretion, cancel your room without penalty. To see if this is possible you need to contact your hotel directly; they are most likely to waive charges if you contact them promptly and well in advance of the check-in date, but there are no guarantees.