Hotel Information Form


Dear Hotelier – The information that you submit below is what we will be using to create your hotel marketing page for the travel program. Please be certain that all contact information for the hotel (phone numbers, email addresses and names) is correct. If you have any questions about this questionnaire, direct them to For additional information, a link to our complete list of contacts is above.

Photos – Your hotel page will typically include five photos, which you are responsible for submitting. One must be an exterior photo of your property and one must be a guest room photo. The guest room photo must be representative of the guest rooms, not just a limited view highlighting a non-bed section. The other three are up to you but they may not be city skyline photos, food, only of guest rooms, bathrooms, empty spaces (vast lobbies/ball rooms) or local attractions. The aspect ratio for photos should be approximately 6×9, but we can crop them to fit.

Email your photos to and be sure to indicate the hotel property they represent. Photos should be submitted at the same time you submit the information form since we cannot complete and publish your hotel page without all the required content.

Hotel Logo file – Your hotel logo will be placed on the school’s hotel selection page, in a grid with other hotel logos. Your individual hotel page will also include your logo. Options for submitting logo files are similar to those listed above for photos. Logos work best as transparent .png, .jpeg, or .gif files, sized within 250 x 250 pixels at a resolution of 72 pixels per inch, but we can edit your images to fit.

Permissions – Through participation in this program, Campus Travel Management is given the right to use your hotel logo and hotel photos in marketing your hotel through our website.

GDS Information – A connection to Amadeus is required and you should have received specific rate loading instructions. If you are not connected to Amadeus or have any questions about rate loading, contact our account manager.

Thank you – we look forward to working with you,
The Hotel Team at Campus Travel Management