Overview – Member Account

Options to consider

After selecting a room, forms for completing the booking process include three options for creating a customer profile and associating your booking with a record of your information. The first option is to continue without creating a Member Account. If you choose this option, no record of the traveler information you provide will be kept by our online booking system – it will simply be passed on to the hotel when you complete your reservation.

The second option is to create a Member Account by completing a customer profile form and creating a username and password. Doing so provides several conveniences including the ability to review existing reservations for the purpose of reprinting your hotel details, or emailing that information to someone else. These options are also available at the time of booking but cannot be accessed afterward without an account. If your plans change, having a Member Account provides a convenient self-cancellation option. (You can still cancel a reservation without a membership account – for details see the Managing Your Reservation section in Support.)

Upon completion of registration you will receive a confirmation email that you have successfully created your account. Remember to note your username and password. This confirmation email does not complete the booking itself – you will be returned to the booking form to finish that process, which will generate a separate confirmation email.

Customers with an existing Member Account can choose either Option #1, for example, if they are booking a room for someone else who doesn’t need an account, or Option #3. If you are a returning member and using the same computer you have used before, choosing Option #3 will access your profile and pre-fill the booking form with your information. If this is a different computer you will be prompted to enter your username and password. You can still edit your information on the booking form if it has changed or if you are booking a room for someone else.