Overview – Limitations

There are many ways in which the automation and convenience of an online service can meet our needs, but there is, as we all well know, a point at which human intervention may still be required. Our online booking tool is no exception, and it seems appropriate to identify some limitations. Fortunately, human intervention is still available to address them.

While booking a hotel room, and if necessary, cancelling that reservation, are fairly straightforward transactions for an online tool to execute, things can get very complicated when the need arises to modify that booking. Modifications may include adjustments to the length of stay, or room type, or special requests for the room, and so on. Typically, making changes of these sorts involve a variety of considerations, issues, and decisions that are best negotiated through a direct dialogue with the hotel. They are in the best position to know what the possibilities are, and they will do everything they can to accommodate your needs.

Of course, we at Campus Travel Management are also available to assist you with any issues that arise. While there are many things that are not within our control – particularly in areas where the hotels have ultimate discretion, we are committed to serving you to the fullest extent of our abilities.

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