Overview – Hotel Selection

The order of the hotel listings presented to the traveler is not based on any ranking of their respective merits. Different individuals or families will have different needs and preferences, making it impossible to take such factors into account in any ranking of these options. Instead, each hotel page includes representative photos, a description highlighting relevant features of the property, and a comprehensive listing of amenities provided. This information should help to guide your selection.

While the hotels are not ranked, their inclusion depends upon an established relevance to the needs of campus visitors. They have been identified primarily by three criteria representative of that relevance. First, their voluntary participation in the program demonstrates their understanding of the value the campus destination represents for their business. Second, based upon feedback from the campus community it is clear that they offer location, value, and and a commitment to service that supports the specific and varied interests of campus visitors. Third, while the schools we work with do not officially endorse the participation of any particular hotel in their campus program, each school is given the opportunity to identify and reject any properties that they have reason or experience to believe fail to meet the reasonable expectations of their visitors. Finally, CTM is in a position to monitor customer experiences and ensure that we and our partners continue to deserve the trust of all parties involved.