Managing Member Account

Program users who create Member Accounts may run into several issues requiring our assistance.

If you forget the password for your account when logging in, there is an online link to recover or reset it. Keep in mind that requesting a password reset will generate an email that goes to the email address we have on file. If you do not receive an email in response to your request within a minute or two, check your Junk folder to make sure it was not redirected there, or if you have multiple email accounts, make sure you are checking the right account.

For the following issues your will need to contact:

Your computer will remember your username when you make subsequent hotel bookings or try to log into the Member Account portal. However, if you use a different computer, you will be prompted for your user name. If you don’t remember your user name you will need to contact us for assistance.

You may receive a notice that your Member Account has been locked. This can be caused by too many attempts to log in with an incorrect password, or by an extended period of inactivity – not accessing your account for over three months.

In either of these cases, contact Customer Service and include your name, username if known, and email addresses so that we can search for your account and unlock it.