Managing hotel reservations

Registered users –

Registered users have several options for managing their reservations or updating their profile that are accessed by logging into the Member Portal. The URL for the portal is:

The portal provides the option to review and revise your account profile, review existing reservations or if desired, to cancel a booking. For other changes, see “Modifications to bookings” below.

Non-registered users –

To cancel an existing booking, please send a request to, at least 48 hours before the cancellation deadline established by hotel policy for your particular room. This is not an automated process, so we require additional time to ensure that we can fulfill your request.

You must include your name, the hotel name and city, and the Travel Agent Reservation Number (a 6 character alpha-numeric code). This information will have also been included on the confirmation email you received at the time of booking. If you wish, you can forward that email to us along with your cancellation request.

If you are unable to make this request by email within the specified time, you can call Customer Service during our office hours – otherwise, please call the hotel directly to cancel your booking.

Modifications to bookings –

For all users, there is no automated system to change the dates, room type, or otherwise modify your hotel booking. If your desired changes cannot be accomplished by making a new booking and then cancelling your existing booking through our system, you will need to contact Customer Service for assistance.