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  In the upcoming year, thousands of highly motivated parents, visitors, alumni, athletic fans, and prospective students will be utilizing the services of local hotels near your campus to attend institutionally sponsored activities and events.  
  If it is your campus that is funding the program, your travelers that are attending and your institution that is driving the business, why is it not your institution that is financially benefiting?  
  Using web-based, travel agent technology, our program will demonstrate how redirecting university-driven bookings to a database to which you have access and control can generate cost savings, improved contract terms and a new stream of unrestricted revenue.  
  The process is simple, only three steps, and there is no cost, risk or additional workload for your staff.  The benefits include a stronger partnership with your local hotels and a level of transparency and accountability that will benefit your institution and keep your visitors happy and wanting to return.  
  Departments benefiting from this program include Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Event Management, Risk Management, Admissions, Athletics, Supplier Diversity, Sustainability, External Affairs (for Economic Impact) and the Alumni Office.  
  Current and recent CTM clients include over 50 large and small, public and private, colleges and universities. For a demonstration of our program, projected revenue and a list of campuses and/or campus references, contact larry@campustravel.com  
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