The Travel Collaborative

Welcome Tufts University Travelers

The Travel Collaborative is a preferred travel agency of Tufts University.
We look forward to putting our expertise to work for you.

The Travel Collaborative
625 Mt. Auburn Street, Suite 207
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617-497-7400
Tufts Line: 617-497-8180
Toll-free: 800-370-7400, ext. 80 for Tufts
Fax: 617-492-3720

For Agent Assisted Business Reservations:


Ticketing and Service Fees

Individual Tickets
Domestic: $34
International: $34

Group Tickets
Domestic: $34
International: $34

Rail Reservations: $27

Cancellation: Airline fee only
Exchange: $34 for ticket issuance, no charge for flight change

Car Rental: No fee

Hotel: No fee

Concierge: $44

Additional Benefits:

  • Emergency hotline
  • No fee for hotel or car reservations
  • Concierge services