BCD Travel

Benefits of Using BCD Travel:

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  • Harvard dedicated agents with over 10 years experience managing Harvard’s business & travelers
    • Savings opportunities through BCD Travel’s preferred vendors & International Rate Desk (IRD) program
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  • Safety & security processes in place through ongoing travel alerts and tracking of travelers via our proprietary Security Manager tool
  • Access to all of Harvard’s negotiated discounts with the airline, hotel car and rail vendor
  • 24-hour emergency travel assistance
  • Continuous monitoring of flights and travel advisories via BCD Travel agents and our TripSource technology alerting travelers of any potential flight issues
  • Meeting & Consulting Service experts offering Harvard University industry knowledge as BCD Travel is the 3rd largest agency in the world

Contact Information:

Phone: 248-208-5024 or 800-610-5640

Fax: 770-391-6340

Email: harvardtravel@bcdtravel.com

Hours of operation: 9:00am – 6:00pm

After Hours/Emergency Assistance:

Phone: 877-818-2356
ID Code – A3R9

Please fill out a traveler profile and email to the Harvard Travel Center at harvardtravel@bcdtravel.com.