Enterprise/National Area Hotels

For Brown University business rentals, we have excellent negotiated rates for Enterprise and National car rentals that include collision damage and liability coverage. When you rent for business and make use of the Brown contract for Enterprise or National, you will not need to worry about selecting insurance coverage for your business rental.   Personal/leisure rentals are also available through these rental companies but do not include insurance coverage in the rate.  Be sure to select business or leisure/personal when making your reservation.

Business rates through Enterprise and National car rentals are provided through the University’s strategic alliance partner for collaborative buying services, E&I Cooperative Services.

Use the link below to access the rates through Brown’s contract numbers: XZ49501 for business rentals or XZ49502 for personal/leisure rentals.


With this new partnership, you are eligible to receive complimentary Emerald Club membership.
Emerald Club members are recognized at both National and Enterprise and allow for a faster, more convenient rental experience.

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 to view a sample rental agreement to see what sections should be accepted or declined.