Confirmation Agreement

Travel Agency Terms of Use:

  • Customer acknowledges their responsibility for reviewing the details of their reservations before confirming their booking.

  • CTM is a travel agency, not the provider. As an agency we simply facilitate guest access to travel services – in this case, hotel accommodations. The hotels set the terms and conditions governing cancellation and other policies. They are also responsible for the accuracy of the information provided about such things as room descriptions, amenities, and availability. If you have concerns about specific amenities or services, please call the hotel directly to verify their availability.

  • CTM is an online service provider. As an online agency, we provide direct access to a variety of hotels through an automated system, any time of day, allowing you to bypass phone menus and call centers. We are also available by email during normal business hours*, with limited availability after hours. However, for guests that create an account prior to booking, we provide online cancellation options through your user profile if your plans change (see below for special note**). For other modifications, or for cancellations without a user account, we are happy to assist in response to emails – however, there are hotel policy constraints that need to be kept in mind. Please note that there may be some delay in replies to email requests after normal business hours.

  • Pricing – the rates displayed on our website for the various room options are set by the hotel, not by CTM. As the travel agency, we have no control over the pricing and do not mark up, add fees, or otherwise increase your costs. However, hotels do typically offer specific discounts to campus visitors in conjunction with our services.

  • Advance Purchase Options – please note: rooms that require an advance purchase payment or deposit, while often offering a discount, are generally non-refundable. This is a hotel policy that is firmly enforced in most circumstances. If you choose a non-refundable rate you acknowledge that you are assuming a known risk in the event that your plans change.

*Normal Business Hours for direct customer support: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST. Email (preferred) or call 410-267-0866 for emergencies.

** Online cancellation options are only available for reservations displayed with your profile – reservations made when you were not signed in to your account will not be displayed but are still confirmed and must be cancelled through, or directly with the hotel.